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This is really outrageous. Argentine teenager Pamela Villarruel poses with her seven children outside her parents' home in the town of Leones in Cordoba Province, northern Argentina, May 11, 2008. Pamela, 17, bore all seven children in just three pregnancies, having her first boy in 2005 when she was 14 and the other six girls in two deliveries of triplets in the following two years. Pamela and her children currently sleep in the living room of her mother Magdalena who supports them all by house cleaning. The father of Pamela's first son abandoned them, the father of the first set of triplets was forced out of the house by the family for beating her, and Pamela refuses to identify the father of the more recent triplets. Magdalena requested to have her daughter's fallopian tubes tied to avoid any further pregnancies, but was denied as Argentine law prohibits the procedure to be done on minors.

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