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Advertisement's War : Pepsi vs Coca Cola, Audi vs BMW

First Round : Nikon v / s Lumix

Nikon - Face focus "no matter ghost face, human face, Skeleton, peeper, I can find them all."

Lumix - I can find the face you even cannot see it.

Second Round : Coca Cola v / s Pepsi

From Pepsi

Coca Cola takes the 2nd floor of this building for their sales marketing office and puts up a boarding. A couple days later Pepsi puts up the other board just for fun.

E ven the snow storm can't stop people go and buy Pepsi.

Woo, seem like the straw doesn't want to be put into "Coca Cola".

From Coca Cola

Third Round : BMW v / s Audi v / s Subaru

This one is a really classic ads war, they are really awesome.

BMW started it

Audi answered.

Su baru wanted to say something.

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