Giant anaconda that's 18ft long

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Most people trekking through the jungle would turn tail and run a mile the opposite direction if they came face to face with a giant anaconda. But not Niall McCann (pictured right). Like a real-life Indiana Jones he decided instead to do battle with the beast - something he said was a lifetime's ambition. The 29-year-old biologist from Cardiff had been exploring the tropical rain forests of Guyana when he happened across the 18ft-long snake on a bank of the Rewa River.

Jungle adventure: Niall McCann, right, and Rob Pickles, second from left, ably assisted by some local guides, struggle to lift the 18ft anaconda they caught in a jungle in Guyana

Nature's fierce beauty: Biologist Rob Pickles inspects the anaconda resting by the Rewa River in Guyana

Heart of darkness: Mr McCann, a biologist, poses with the head of an 18ft anaconda which he just captured in Guyana. Right, one of the local guides holds up the tail of the giant serpent

Strike a pose: Rob Pickles, second from left, and the guides hold the 18ft anaconda

Cold blooded: A close up of the Guyanese anaconda, which weighed around 100kg and had a girth of 27ins

--- அன்புடன் உங்கள் சகோதரன்: 
பரங்கிப்பேட்டை - காஜா நஜிமுதீன், ரியாத்.

The Almighty God says,

When a servant thinks of Me, I am near.
When he invokes Me, I am with him.
If he reflects on Me in secret, I reply in secret,
And if he acknowledges Me in an assembly,
I acknowledge him in a far superior assembly.

- Prophet Muhammad as reported by Abu Huraira

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