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Proud Of Bihar Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh

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Great Mathematician Who Is from Bihar , solving 4-6 OUT OF 8   unsolved Math of ARYA BHATT.

Hight of negligence of Indian Govt.  A Great Mathematician  wants to leave INDIA and  No Body Care him?

सरकार एक बार गलती कइले रहुवे, हमरा के कलम ना देले रहुवे - डाक्टर वशिष्ठ नारायण सिंह
(The Government once made a big mistake by not providing me Pen - Vashishtha Narayan Singh)


रउरा पढतानी पिछला 35 साल मे पहली बार प्रकाशित महान गणितज्ञ  "डाक्टर वशिष्ठ नारायण सिंह" से बातचीत  
(You are reading the first ever interview of Dr. Vashistha Narayan Singh in past 35 years)

Repoter: रउरा के एगो बात पता बावे कि राउर रिसर्च पेपर आज अमेरिका मे पढावल जाला. (do you know that you research paper is being used as a study material in Washington) ?

Vashistha jee: हा, हम जानअ तानी, पढावल जाता. (yes I know it).

Repoter: रउरा जानअ तानी कि दुनिया खासकर अमेरिका मे लोग रउरा बारे मे जाने खातिर केतना बेचॆन बावे. (do you know that the people in this world specially America are so kee to know about you) ?

Vashistha jee: त जाइल जाइ 7-8 साल बाद, बम बन रहल बा. अभी भारत के अटेक भइल बा अमेरिका पर, रुस ओहिजा बम गिरावले रहे. (I will go after 7-8 years, there is a BOMB in making, India had attacked America and russia had dropped a OMB there in America).

Vashistha jee: नाश्ता कर लेहनी...  (Did you had Snacks) ?

(We had a plate of sweets as Snacks from his family, then he took a few pieces of sweets from the same plate, we continue the talk while he is eating)

Repoter: रउरा वाशिंगटन मे रहनी हा, लौटला के बाद केहु से भेट भइल ह ?(you have been to washington, did you had any contact with anyone after you returned) ?

Vashistha jee: ना , भेट नइखे भइल. (No, I had not met anyone).

Repoter:  चिठ्ठियो ना लिखेला केहु. (Does anyone ever wrote any letter to you) ?

Vashistha jee: ना, केहु ना लिखेला. (No, No letter at all)

Repoter: रउरा अभी लिखत रहेनी दिन भर, का लिखेनी. (You keep writing the whole day, what do you actually write) ?

Vashistha jee: रिसर्च करअ तानी. (Research, on "Double the Elastic Inner Voltage".)

(he used some more technical words here, please listen to the voice file to understand, if you are interested)

Repoter: रउरा कब इ रिसर्च के पब्लिस करे के बा. (When are you going to publish this research paper) ?

Vashistha jee:  पब्लिस त होते रहेला. (It is being published all the time)

Repoter: रउरा कौनौ किताब-विताब लिखअ तानी का. (are you wring some book) ?

Vashistha jee: हा, लिखअ तानी. (Yes, I am writing).

Repoter : कौन चीज पर लिखअ तानी. (on what topic you are writing) ?

Vashistha jee:  धर्म पर. (on religion)

Repoter: का लिखनी हअ अब तक. (what you have written so far) ?

Vashistha jee: गीता पर लिखअ तानी. (writing something on Geeta).

Repoter: केतना दिन मे खतम हो जाइ. (by when it will be finished) ?

Vashistha jee: अभी टाइम बा. सरकार एक बार गलती कइले रहुवे, हमरा के कलम ना देले रहुवे, इंडियन सरकार के फायदा नइखे होत. अब हम यु.स. सिटीजनसिप लेवे के सोचअ तानी. (It will take some time, The Government once did a big mistake by not giving me Pen. Thats why Indian government is not getting any benefit (from me) now I am planning to take US Citizenship).

Repoter : रउरा मिस्टर क़ॆली के अंडर मे रिसर्च कइले रहुई, उहा के 2003 मे गुजर गइनी, रउरा पता बा.  (Did you knew that Mr. Kelly, under whose guidance you did the research, is no more )?

Vashistha jee: प्रोफेसर कॆली... ? ना, ई गलत खबर ह, एक साल पहिले हम उनका से फोन पे बात कइले रहनी ह. (Prof. Kelly... ? NO, its a wrong news, I had a talk with him on Phone, just one year back)

he felt a bit tensed and immediately left the interview.

We went outside, touched his legs, and left his village with a promise to return in next 15 days.

To know more about him plz. Visit :   http://www.bhojpuria.com/people/vnsingh_talks.htm


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